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How to Create a Cinematic Black & White Portrait Effect in Photoshop

Note:  This is written for Photoshop but I was able to work around it in GIMP and produce a very close replica.


Despite all the wonderful real-world advantages of digital photography, once in a while the typical grainy film look just feels so enchanting. So much so that we actually seek out ways to post-process and convert some of our perfectly good color images to give them a nostalgic black and white look. In this video, Andrei Oprinca shares […]

Source: How to Create a Cinematic Black & White Portrait Effect in Photoshop


Hello and Welcome!

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 Hello, and welcome to my brand-new blog that focuses on image editing with GIMP 2.8.  Just for the record, I primarily use Windows 7 64-bit as my desktop operating system.  I am a big fan of Ubuntu and used to use it very frequently, but in recent months I’ve been using Win7 exclusively.

First of all, I am not a digital artist or a photographer.  I am learning how to be self-sufficient within GIMP and I am working to find great methods that help me make my images look better.  I usually document how to accomplish something from start to finish, with examples.  I hope that you can benefit from my documentation and be an active part in presenting your own methods to accomplish similar tasks.

I have been using GIMP 2.8 only a few weeks, and I have to say that I am impressed with its features much more than I expected to be.  Prior to GIMP, I used Paint.Net exclusively and I still enjoy working with that software.  However, GIMP really overshadows Paint.Net in my opinion, so I am focusing on GIMP from this point forward.

My plans are to make quality tutorials that explain how to accomplish tasks and ask for feedback that is helpful and shares ways that different folks use GIMP.  Where applicable, I will cite several sources and give credit to those authors who have helped and inspired me to use GIMP to the maximum capacity.

So, welcome and I encourage you to be a part of something intended to be helpful.  If you can, contribute positively and help someone learn about great software that is completely free.